Friday, 24 April 2009


I was searching the web for a Nigerian forum sometime about 2 years ago when I came across the nairaland stuff. It was actually a topic 'Nigerians in the UK are so stingy' that I stumbled on. I registered and started posting. Before then, I had seen other Nigerian websites but they were not as exciting as nairaland. Besides, those ones appeared more like regional forums meant for people in the US. It was easy to be ignored on coming on. My romance with those never lasted. I also think that Seun's base in Nigeria has helped him alot in fashioning what we need. It goes a long way to show that more effort is required from those at home than abroad to move Nigeria forward.

I changed my username after I gave it out to a friend who refused to make hers available. She was probably older than I was in the forum and was sending topics to me which i enjoyed reading. It was a great way to reconnect with naija which I was missing. That could have been a probably one of the reasons why nairaland is as successful as it is today. It serves as a meeting point for all Nigerians home and abroad. Seun welldone.
I have learnt so much about many things and about the character of Nigerians because of my membership of nairaland community.
The positive among them is the willingness with which people volunteer information and services that would cost dearly if one is to source for it from the professionals. The services are given by the professionals and they demand no payment. A glaring example is the thread, Doctor in the house:free medical advice
Another one is the katikethi thread which has been awesome

In the computer section, IT experts are there solving everyday problems for members and non members alike who eavesdrop through the window.Many people sell and buy in nairaland market place

Then in the romance section there are many naughty guys who ply their trade in the sexuality subsection. Guys like tumufulu a.k.a i_laugh have a field day in irritating all the sisters. The ultimate brash seems to have changed his ways. As at press time I was still evaluating the born again claim by chamotex who I baptised chamosex. The likes of sistawoman, rubbie and and tope 'including plus' amebo.no1 the hypermutant keep the romance section very lively. We have incurable flirts in the likes of daphoenx, tope and toyinrayo who would latch on every good looking bloke that passes by nairaland.
It is good to know that some real life pairing has actually taken off from all these virtual flirtation.
Then in the fashion section spikecylinderwoman stamps her authority. Her style is something to behold. The thief of hearts also holds sway in the fashion section though she is versatile. In the past, she was always found where there was trouble. It seems that the withdrawal of her catalyst (militia)another supermutant in her time from nairaland has reduced the temperature in her chambers.

In the tribalism section, some peeps hold sway! 'not gonna mention any name. However such thread has shown us the depth and the gravity of fragmentations that is pulling our dear country apart because nairaland is a microcosym of Nigeria.

In the religious section we have the athiests like huxley and mazaje probing into what they think they know. The testimony of the likes of pilgrim is also remarkable and revealing but that has only fanned the embers of hatred between the christians and the moslems just like we have in the real world.

The criticism of the decadence called Nigerian leadership in the politics section is something interesting and thought provoking. Some good ideas have spun off from the constructive and destructive argument that fly from pillar to post. The Nigerian developement movement which is a budding NGO was conceived in

The almighty auto section where the likes of Viperman,Inspired.m, Carshopper, babeisme etc hold sway is a full bloon automarket which has enabled many guys to own a car of their choices with a reasonable level of transparency. With the mandatory Vin number disclosure introduced by Seun, peeps can at least have an idea of the car they wanted to buy. Siena with his immense knowledge of automobiles like many others has blessed many with his contributions. Busy_body is a woman among men in the auto section I will not forget her(her gender is still a subject of controversy).

Then comes the sports section where the suppoters of the big 4 in the English premiership are locked up in the fight for supremacy with their keyboards. While the real job takes place in the respective stadia 2 times a week, the sports war in nairaland goes on indefinitely. If Sauron is not tauting the gunners, debosky will be seeking the scalps of bluediva. Cristalz (miss Manu) on the other hand is always on everybody's neck as long as they are not OT worshippers.You can never beat the euphoria these generate. Talk about the armchair analyst that flood the section.
This is a spectacle!

The joke section with Sam milla, romade the earthworm, iteun and many others is a site to behold. You cannot go there and come back with a frowned face even if you have not had sex for 2 years!
When these activities, all of which i cannot narrate here are put together, it gives birth to the positive nairaland, a beehive of activity and fun, a fun joint made in the internet by Seun.

However, there is the other side of it which is not totally bad. The constant bickering, fighting and name calling which at times degenerates to cursing ones parents is undesirable. But who says everything has to be desirable in a society.If that happens, I guess the world will be boring.

Seun was very authocatic. He hates criticism but I guess that he has softened a bit with age. Two years can make a lot of difference. He has also learnt alot. But i must admire his fighting spirit and his business sense. He is an achiever and goes for what he wants not minding whose ox is gored. He has banned me twice but who cares? agaba123 is still agabaI23. can you spot the difference?